Episode 82 (Hour 1)


Peace world! It’s your man Wil Infamous here and yes, theprodigal son has returned with a new installment of neck crackin’ goodies andtasty ear treats all in one podcast known as Nitty Gritty Radio. It’s been 4months since our last episode, the longest I’ve gone since starting this in’09, and a lot has happened since then. From serious stress at the day job to losing the sibling that fed my love of music at a young age…shit is real. No matter what life throws at me I always findsolace in quality Hip-Hop music. Episode 82 (Hour 1 & 2) brings just that.Here in Hour 1 you get a taste of that ’95-‘00 sound that defined theUnderground era of the late 90’s. Hope you enjoy the vibe.



Dat's My Word (feat. Redman) - DJ Honda

Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Remix) - Fab 5

Nasty Immigrants (feat. Raekwon) - 12 O'Clock

5 Fingas Of Death (feat.Fat Joe, Big L, Lord Finesse &A.G.) – Diamond

Two Steps Behind (feat. Dug Infinite & Syndicate) - NoID

Somehow, Someway - Organized Konfusion

Fortified Live (feat Mr. Man & Mos Def) - ReflectionEternal

Hey - A Tribe Called Quest

TinselTown To BoggieDown (Pete Rock Remix) feat. Mos Def& Lee Majors - Scritti Polittie

Unassisted – Rasco

Mr. Large (feat. Chubb Rock & Biz Markie) - Prince Paul

I Get Down Like That – Redman

Presents (feat. Juice) – Decompose

Rollin' f(eat. Masta Ace and OC) – Saukrates

(Another) Another World - Black Star

unknown - Last Emperor


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