Episode 81 (Hour 1)


Yes yes yawl! Wil Infamous here representing Nitty Gritty Radio to the fullest! Sorry about the 2 month hiatus but I’ve been busy soaking in my 3 year old son’s inspiration, working 3 jobsand dealing with life’s pitfalls and pinnacles. Straight paying dues with muchto lose.  But no matter where thepath takes you, it’s always good to have some head nodding Hip Hop in your earsand a smile on your face. Episode 81 (Hour 1) give you just that. With summerslowly coming in focus I wanted this playlist to give you a good time vibe.Hope you feel me.



Set It Off - Big Daddy Kane

Veronica (feat. K Love) - Bad Boys

L.G.B.N.A.F - Ice-T

Freaks Of The Industry - DigitalUnderground

Symphony Vol. I (feat. Masta Ace,Graig G, Kool G Rap, & Big Daddy Kane) - Marley Marl

Don't Sweat The Technique - Eric B.& Rakim

You Can't See What I See - Heavy D& The Boyz

Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) - De LaSoul

Hip Hop Junkies - Nice & Smooth

Sure Shot - Beastie Boys

Ghetto Jam – Domino

I Get Around - 2Pac

Feel Me Flow - Naughty By Nature

Crumblin' Erb – Outkast

Ijustwannachill - Large Professor

Summertime In The LBC - Dove Shack


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