Episode 11 (Hour 1)


Peace people, back at it with another neck cracker here on Nitty Gritty Radio. Not sure how you guys feel but I still have a head bobbin' hangover from Episode 10 and I wanted to give a big up to all the cats who wrote in about it. I had a great time putting the last show together and this one is very much the same. Episode 11 Hour One brings it back to the Remixes and Rarities tag line. This hour is full to the rim with tracks you haven't heard in years and remixes that you never dreamt existed. I know that's a bold statement...but its like that. Sa-da-tay.



How Ya Like Me Now - Kool Moe Dee

I Got It Made (Business Like Version) - Special Ed

Buck Whylin' (Chuck D Introducing Sister Souljah) - Terminator X

Change Of Style - Son Of Bazerk And The No Self Control Band

Psycho (12'' Rubber Room MIx) - Lords Of The Underground

Ex Girl To Next Girl (Remix) - Gang Starr

Never No More - Souls Of Mischief

Class Clown - The Wascals

Check Tha Resume - Grand Puba

One Love (Dimention Ball Remix) – Nas

Do Or Die Remix (Feat. Raekwon) – AZ

Concubinez - Hyenas in the Desert

The Yearn - Pete Rock & The Lost Boys

I Can't Call It - De La Soul

Daaam (Remix) - Tha Alkaholiks

It's a Shame - Kool G Rap

Let me know what you think: nittygrittypodcast@yahoo.com


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